The Approach

We believe in creating a custom, data-driven marketing strategy for our clients. By doing this we are able to give our clients high valued patients who stay with the practice for life.

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Understand Your Practice

At Pain-Free Dental Marketing we believe data is king. We are able to pull data from Dentrix, Open Dental, Eaglesoft, and many more patient management systems to create the profile of your ideal patient. We also use census data to determine the demographics of your potential patients. Our strategy team combines all of this data to create a customized marketing plan that fits your practice.

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Research Your Area

Knowing who lives around your practice is a key component of creating your marketing message. We are able to find out what your prospective patients value, for example, whether they are more price sensitive or care more about quality. By researching this data we are able to customize the marketing message to fit your office. You don’t want just any patient, you want productive patients.

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Marketing Strategy Plan

Once we have done our research, we make a marketing plan that is custom for you. Whether we focus on Google Ads, SEO, Social Media or traditional advertising such as print, will be based on what has brought you the best results. After that, it becomes about meeting often, discussing progress on the plan, and adjusting when things change.

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Execution & Communication

With a plan in hand, it is time to execute on the plan. As campaigns start to run, it is also important to track the results (you can’t improve what you are not measuring). It is also important that we stay in sync with our clients so we can quickly determine what is working best and what needs adjustments. The best dental marketing plan is one that everyone understands and believes in and for that reason, not only do we keep constant communication with our doctors, we also stay in touch with the front desk and office managers. That’s how we get results!

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